Bruce and Luke's Coffee is perfect for in the home. Simple and smooth coffees that help get you through the days.

If you sell operate a store get in touch and we can discuss pricing and delivery options.


We began our coffee adventure after taking over the popular foxes cafe lounge in Carlisle. After becoming tired of coffee that just wouldn’t behave, from extraction times to inconsistent quality; we decided to take matters into our own hands and produce top quality coffee.

Our roastery produces top quality delicious coffee that is perfect for espresso. With a combined experience  management team can share their expertise in training, customer service and management. 


53% of employees who leave work to buy coffee say it’s because the quality is better! Banish crappy coffee and offer your team something worth sticking around for. Great coffee can motivate and bring a work force together!

We can offer a range of bean to cup machines and filter coffee machines to install in the office alongside a business-friendly wholesale pricing structure to improve your business’s productivity. Get in touch to discuss your needs and options