Filter Blend-Sold Out

Single origin filter coffee.

500 grams.

Available in packs of 2 or 4.




This is the quiet broody genius of our coffees. Our Filter coffee offers the most challenging and complex flavours out of our coffees. This coffee is epic when used with filter brewing methods such as: cafetiere, drip filter or aeropress. It can also be used to create interesting dynamic espresso. We want our Filter Blend to stand out with it’s challenging fruity flavours that pack a punch.


 Filter Blend is a single origin from Ethiopia. African coffees are known for their vibrant and flavoursome nature. The high altitude and proximity to the equator gives Ethipioan coffee amazing flavour that is a party in your mouth. We keep our Filter as a light roasts to retain as much of the epic origin flavour as possible.

Roaster’s favourite Brew

I like to enjoy this coffee as a pour over coffee either through a V60 or chemex. I use 1:15 ground coffee to water ratio. Remember to use coarsely ground coffee and water at 97 degrees C.  These methods deliver a clean crisp cup of coffee that brings the challenging fruity flavours to the forefront. You can add milk to create a creamier experience, however I prefer to let the coffee do the talking.