Bruce and Luke's Strong AF

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We know that hardcore caffeine fiends are crying out for stronger coffee and we answered. The ass kickin’ wild child of our range is created using 80% of our  Brazillian Espresso Blend with 20% Ugandan Robusta. Robusta contains a higher level of caffeine and bitterness while providing more body to the finished drink. The Strong AF blend is a medium/dark roast that aids the epic smokey qualities of the robusta while retaining all the awesome flavours of our Brazillian beans. 

If you want to start your day with a bang, chew down on some serious work, fuel an intense workout or just need an extra boost this is the coffee for you.


Roaster’s favourite brew.

For the Strong Blend I prefer to use a Cafetiere. The added robusta gives a distinct full bodied smokey quality to the coffee which is perfectly matched to a Cafetiere. Using a 1:12 coarsely ground coffee to 97 degree Celsius water, this produces an intense cup that instantly boosts my mornings.