The Story So Far

Hello there, it’s been a long time but the Bruce and Luke’s Blog is back. I’m Tom the newest roaster to join the Bruce and Luke’s family. Being from Carlisle, I’ve watched the Bruce and Luke’s brand grow from afar and I’ve finally sneaked my way inside like a trojan horse ready to wreak havoc from within.

It’s only fair for me to start with a little about myself. I’ve taken an unusual route to get here, spending my previous 5 years as a secondary school teacher, I made the leap to coffee in August 2019 and haven’t looked back since. At Bruce and Luke’s I can usually be found tucked away in the roastery creating our awesome coffee in checked shirts and snapbacks; very much like a caffeine fueled hipster Gollum in his cave.

It’s been a manic 9 months since joining the Bruce and Luke’s crew, it’s great to be in an environment with so much passion and enthusiasm. There is always something new going on or an innovative donut creation to munch down on (the new year diet has not gone well).

In my first year as a roaster I have learned so much already, but I still have a long way to go and would love to take you on this journey with me.

In the following months, expect to hear all the big changes going on in Bruce and Luke’s HQ. With new stores opening, additions to menus, staff additions and developments in coffee there is plenty to keep you updated with! There will also be plenty coffee geek action; with information about our coffee, brewing guides and even an online tour of the roastery.