Going on a big coffee adventure

Blogs are demons, they’re something you try to commit to and sometimes other priorities get in the way. That’s certainly true for me when, back in Christmas 2017, I said I’d keep up this blog. Fast forward to April and I feel like I’ve just had a moment to come in to land and gather my thoughts as over here in Bruce and Luke’s land, we’ve been working really reeeaaally hard.

We’re getting a slight break for the next couple of days. I’m currently on a train headed South with the boys to spend some time in London at the London Coffee Festival. We’ve managed to wangle some VIP passes and we’re bringing the Bruce and Luke’s energy to London.

I wonder if they can handle us??

I’m not sure what to expect from a festival of coffee, but coming home with the caffeine shakes is certainly a concern. Awesome people we deal with like Sanremo UK, Mercanta and InterAmerican will be there and many more. I’m going to get to be face to face with people I’ve only ever emailed or talked to on the phone, which will be great. The boys are promising high energy hoofing about London . . . so much for a break then.

The festival attracts people from across the country and probably beyond so I’m expecting there to be lots of cool stuff on show. Flashy fun stuff, serious quality innovations and the far out pretentious stuff too probably. Another foray in to the unknown as I approach my one year anniversary in the coffee industry.

Expect a report back after the festival on the train back on Saturday (if I’m not totally wiped out).

We’re really excited for the rest of 2018

These first four months of 2018 have been hectic to say the least. Bruce and Luke have been working flat out to get the new head quarters ready up on Abbey Street. There’s still a long road to opening, but we’re getting to the exciting point of it all really coming together now.

All the while Luke has been securing new business and my roasting schedule gets bigger and bigger every week, hence no blogs. Especially with us going off to London for a few days, we’ve had to prepare and work hard in advance to be able to take the time out to come down.

I’m still learning loads and I’m sure the coffee festival will be an information overload. Until next time folks, see you on the flip side of this coffee festival.