The Coffee Padawan: The Takeaway Cup Conundrum

The hot topic of plastics

Every morning, over my cup of coffee, I watch the news. I also was recently glued to the TV every Sunday evening watching Blue Planet II . . . such an unreal program!

If you have been too, then you’ll be well aware of the plastic epidemic that is happening globally. It was already a familiar problem to most anyway. Now it has finally been brought in to the spotlight, and food suppliers, supermarkets and the UK government have been quick to react in recent months. Only just this morning Iceland have proposed to rid all use of plastics in their packaging by 2023.

What does this have to do with coffee?

During the first week of 2018 news broke of a potential “Latte Levy” being suggested by MPs that would aim to introduce a 25p charge on disposable coffee cups. Much like the plastic bag tax, this levy would aim to reduce the use of non reusable or non recyclable cups. The suggestion is meant to invigorate companies to come up with solutions to takeaway cups that currently have a lining of plastic in them, making them mostly non recyclable. So far businesses like Pret A Manger have already got a discount scheme for those using their own reusable cups. Other companies are taking steps to introduce similar schemes.

What are we doing about it?

We supply so many establishments and they all have their own ways of serving their takeaway coffee. Here at Bruce and Luke’s Coffee we’ve been experimenting with different takeaway cups to supply to our customers for a while and in late 2017 we took steps to make our takeaway cups environmentally friendly.

We are very proud to say that, thanks to a company working out Edinburgh called Vegware, our takeaway coffee cups and lids are now fully compostable! . . . they also look AWESOME

You read that right too. The lids, that look and feel like regular plastic, are plant based and 67% lower in carbon than conventional plastic. They are also fully compostable.

Gone are the cups that would take hundreds of years to naturally decompose. Welcome to the age of cups that once used, will compost in 12 weeks. We’re chuffed that they look so great too, with our signature pink and cool looking black lid.

Get them in your cafe now

These cups are available to all establishments we supply. If you’re already a customer of ours get in touch with us so we can hook you up with some.

We hope you’ll all see these cups in your favourite places to enjoy Bruce and Luke’s Coffee soon. Ask your local coffee shop about their takeaway cups.

Obviously reusable cups are an even better way to eliminate unnecessary waste, but understandably you’re not always going to be be able to have one on you. So you can rest assured if you’re getting a Bruce and Luke’s Coffee to take out, your cup isn’t harming the planet once it’s disposed of.

Also with Blue Planet II over, please someone tell me what I should watch next. Love me some nature documentaries!

Much love, Dan