The Coffee Padawan: Looking back at 2017

I knew it, I just knew it!

Two months in to working at Bruce and Luke’s Coffee and having started up a new blog, I neglected it after only four posts. I do apologise, reigniting the blog is definitely on the new years resolution list.

Rest assured there’s good reason for my lack of keyboard tapping and it’s mostly been because of the lack of one thing; TIME!

It’s been a whirlwind these past few months. I’ve been roasting more and more coffee every week at Bruce and Luke’s HQ. We’ve all been so busy. I’ve just been keeping my head down, making sure our customers get the best coffee possible.

Now all of a sudden everyone’s singing carols and there’s lights all over town! What?! . . . It’s Christmas time already? It really has snuck up on me this year. Well . . . as is tradition at this time of year I’m using our final morning before we shut down for the holidays to recap 2017 and look forward to 2018.

2017 has been mega for Bruce and Luke’s Coffee

January saw the launch of the new website and February saw the start of over 70 new relationships with Cumbrian businesses at the Pioneer Food Show. In March the boys started toying with disposable takeaway cups whilst Luke also kept on with the Facebook Live videos he’s so good at. Luke also started the hunt for a trainee roaster to join the company.

In April Bruce and Luke gave away LOADS of free coffee in businesses throughout Carlisle thanks to a campaign they did with CFM. They also stormed on down South to the London Coffee Festival and met loads of awesome businesses.

By May’s end the company had taken on it’s first official employee . . . me, Dan. Bruce and Luke have been my Jedi masters of coffee and I, the lowly padawan or apprentice, have learned so much these past 6 months.

In June and July we embarked on a side project to try and perfect a cold brew version of our coffee. After trialling it, getting a mega buzz and looking at the whole thing closely we decided to shelve the project for the time being. This is something we might come back to one day.

During the summer we also had a redesign and huge delivery of newly designed paper cups so customers can takeaway their coffee in glorious pink style. We also redesigned our labels and our wholesale packing process to make everything more streamlined.

With me manning the roaster it’s given Bruce and Luke the chance to go out a see more customers and sell amazing Sanremo machines to new and existing business owners. Over the past two months they’ve also been working hard on their biggest project to date:

The new Bruce and Luke’s Coffee HQ

As some of you may know we’re gearing up to move or current HQ to a much more city central location in Carlisle. The new site is not only going to afford us a great deal more space but also dedicated space for customers to visit us and to try and buy our coffee and coffee machines. Bruce and Luke have been in the new place smashing walls down, rewiring and soon building and kitting out the space. We aim to be fully operational in the new space by early March 2018.

As I type we’ve just finished doing a Facebook Live recap of the year we’ve had and what we’re hoping to achieve going forward. We can’t wait for 2018 and the challenges it will bring, 2017 has been awesome and here at the end of the year we want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Today we close down for the holidays, Luke an I are off out to the pub now to celebrate (Bruce is away on his glorious honeymoon).

See you all in the New Year, much love. Dan