The Coffee Padawan: I want to press all the buttons!

Yo yo my coffee loving lovelies

My usual blog post got delayed due to me going South to a music festival last week. I had a total blast watching loads of bands with my sister. Now it’s time to get back to the grind. With Bruce and Luke nothing gets boring, as we just took on a challenge that, for the boys, has been a good year or so in the making.

Cold brew is the new kid on the block

Everyone is trying this out at the moment. Cold brew is basically cold coffee, not your iced latte or stuff like that, but a stronger flavoured drink, in bottles than can be like a cola or lemonade. We think it’s an achievable goal to develop a drink that’s all natural, but gives you the same kick and flavour as coffee.

Bruce and Luke have tried a couple of very small in house tests of the stuff with the result not being what they were after. So they’ve spent a while going over what went right or wrong with their tests and we paid a visit to LVS Bottling in Brampton to see how they could help us try some different techniques out.

We’re going on an adventure . . .

. . . well, more like down the road to Brampton. We all went loaded with bags of coffee to check out the operation and heck, I was like a kid at Christmas. Going in to a bottling plant is so much fun! So much complex equipment and sooo many buttons. I had to resist the urge to start pressing and seeing what things did. No machines whirring today though.

During this first visit we managed to get the cold brew, well . . . brewing. We dropped a load of coffee into a huge vat and left it with the guys at LVS, who would syphon the results off into a bigger vat to store and get ready for bottling the following week.

One week later

We headed out again to Brampton to oversee the carbonation and bottling of our lovely new cold brew. YES, you read it right, we’re adding some slight carbonation to the brew to give it a more refreshing feel. It’s not super fizzy like cola, it’s just a slight bubble on the tongue.

We carbonated the brew and started transferring it, first to some kegs that we’ll test with some of our friends. As each keg completed we got to test what was coming out . . . exciting! We were surprised by what came out as it looked a little like beer, but man, the taste was really interesting and we just kept sipping on it. Before long we were getting an awesome buzz off this new creation. Heck we might have just come up with an all natural alternative to energy drinks!

Kegging done we get to line up a load of bottles and get to see some awesomely fun machinery in action. Getting to see how the bottling process worked was a ton of fun. Seeing that first bottle come off the line felt very satisfying for all of us and now we have a few cases to test out. Check out what we experienced in the video 🙂

Check out our experimental cold brew getting bottled! Exciting stuff #coldbrew #coffeetime #dreams

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This is still very much a test bed to gauge peoples reaction to it, and also to try it with other drinks to see how it behaves as a mixer. We’re looking at all aspects for it, but I for one will be trying it with some of my favourite liquors to see how it tastes.

Be sure to check back in on the blog for updates on our cold brew experiment. Until next time hombres, I’ll see ya 🙂