The Coffee Padawan: The New Adventure

Hey everyone!

Bloomin’ nice to meet you, I’m Dan, the latest addition to the Bruce & Luke’s Coffee team. I’ve come from working in an office at the local newspaper to start a whole new career as a coffee roaster.

I’ve known the guys here for a while and observed the business grow and I totally love what they do. I am infatuated with coffee, however until this week I knew pretty much zip about how it’s created. I’ve also never touched a proper coffee machine in my life!

I can’t wait to learn the geeky details of coffee and thought it would great to take you on my journey as a ‘Coffee Padawan’ as I write about my adventures at Bruce & Luke’s. My mission is to become a roasting knight and one day master the power of the coffee bean. Also, yes . . . I’m a massive Star Wars fan.


Most of you have been there, the first couple of days on a new job can be an information overload, lots of ridiculous formality and not a lot of getting stuff done. Not here.

Day one on the job I’m straight up to The Halston with Luke to talk to awesome customers and then back to head quarters where Bruce gives me the tour and a quick health and fire safety run down.

I am swiftly introduced to Vicky. She’s the 1960s coffee roaster who’s responsible for all the lovely coffee coming out of Bruce & Luke’s. Straight away I learn that she’s a fiery girl and always full of beans *snigger*. Bruce shows me how a roast works and seeing how it’s done is pretty eye opening. Vicky is my new workstation. Having come from years of office work, it’s immensely refreshing to know I’ll be on my feet, twiddling knobs and levers, creating lovely smells and crafting the beans.

Everything is done by hand here, including the packing. I’m shown how subscription, regular and wholesale orders are processed and get the right coffee bagged for customers. A few spilt beans and laughter along the way as I get used to it all, but soon I’ve got a good system going.


By day two I’m roasting on my own and I love it. In a future blog post I’ll attempt to explain how it works in detail. By the end of week one I’ve already roasted and bagged several batches of the Espresso Blend for our wholesale customers.

My job doesn’t end there though. Bruce and Luke have welcomed me in to the fold and they’re involving me in lots of conversations about their future and it’s very, very exciting.

I can’t wait to share with you what’s going on and how I settle in to my brand new career in the coffee business.