The Coffee Padawan: The Daily Grind

Yo guys and gals

As June, and my first month at Bruce and Luke’s Coffee, comes to an end, I am feeling like I’m settling in the daily grind as a coffee padawan. My coffee masters Bruce and Luke continue to be a source of inspiration and knowledge. We worked out that I’ve roasted close to 500kg of coffee so far (that’s a lot of coffee!). By now if you’re a regular drinker of our coffee you will be tasting the work of my own roasting. I do hope you’re enjoying it.

Barista training begins

These past two weeks I’ve also got my hands on our sexy Sanremo Opera and started to learn the art of making a really good coffee. –>

Lessons in tamping, extraction, and steaming milk . . . crikey who knew milk in coffee could be so diverse and delicate! I’ll save that subject for a future blog.

This week I learned the subtle art of dialling in a coffee grinder!

Yep just grinding the coffee for a particular machine, like the Sanremo Opera, a La Marzocco or any machine, is something baristas should be doing regularly. As a coffee “noob” I was initially fairly shocked at the many types of grinders and that you have to dial in everything regularly for consistency.  Yet, as a musician, I have to tune my guitar, or set up my equipment differently depending on the day to get the sound I want. So when you think about it, it’s actually not surprising that these machines, with so many moving parts, should need subtle adjustment to continually to make a good coffee.

First thing on a blurry eyed Monday morning, I was given a crash course in dialling in a grinder by Luke. Thankfully with Luke being the master of Facebook Live you can share in my experience by watching the video below.

Talk about an early morning schooling in coffee to wake you up

The coffee certainly did the job though haha! Bottom line though is if you are a barista, and you’re first on the machine on a morning, it’s always worth dialling in your grinder to make sure you’re getting consistency. Yes it wastes a cup or two of coffee, but at least you’re not serving that bad coffee to your customers.

On Thursday I put the lesson to good use when Bruce and Luke returned from a demo day, having taken the grinder away and changed the settings. I tried dialling it in and managed get some decent coffee out of our Opera . . . HUZZAH!

I’m learning some seriously good stuff about my favourite dark liquid. Before long I will be out on the road to help our customers get the best out of our coffee.

It’s a short one this week, but as I continue to learn I will pull focus on some other aspects of my journey at Bruce and Luke’s Coffee.

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