Brew review Ep.1 Cuisinart filter coffee machine

Makes awesome simple

Fresh roast and ground coffee doesn’t always have to be a faff to make yq1frf1. We use our Cuisinart filter coffee machine everyday down at the roastery as it makes enough coffee for the team without having to watch over it. My view with coffee is that there are differnt ways to brew depending what flavours you want or what mood your in. On a Monday morning there is nothing quite like an automated brewer to give you a lift and push you toward the week ahead. I think it says a lot about the machine that even with the choice of brewers we have in the roastery this is our go to machine.

Good points

  • Manual fill water tank, so you don’t have to get it plumbed in also you can choose how many cups you brew.
  • Paper filter which makes cleaning up a piece of cake.
  • You don’t have to stand over it waiting on the coffee to brew.
  • Bright cup of filter coffee.

Not so good points

  • The water tank can be a little hard to fill without making a mess, keep the lid on the jug for a more accurate pour.
  • Hot plate and glass jug, If you leave the coffee to long it will over extract. It would be better if it was a thermol jug.

I would get one at home

Im personally going to get one of these at home, I don’t see the point of writing a good or bad review on something without saying if you personally would invest in said gear. It is a bit of a spend but I have tried cheaper filter brewers in the past and you can get a horrid plastic taint come through in the cup.

Video Review

If you would like one